Bus Biscuitlatest release

Bus Biscuit Records is a new, independent label dedicated to the spirit, initiative and imagination of artists of all musical genres. "El Viento", the debut CD of the first artists in our catalogue, Austin's premiere Latin Jazz band GATO 6, is just the beginning of our mission of helping those with a unique sound to have their music heard.

The process of choosing the name for our company says a lot about our ability and willingness to think out of the box. While in the process of typing "Albuquerque" into a text message, one of GATO 6's artists was greeted with an auto-corrected spelling of the city, "Bus Biscuit". Someone shouted, "Hey, that would make a great name for a record label." The rest, as we say, is history.

We look forward to expanding our catalogue with many more artists who share our vision of bringing new and unique sounds to music fans around the world.